It Starts With a ‘Thought’

Dancing creating and preforming has been part of life from as early as I can remember, from performing in front of an audience at the age of 2 and a half, going to dance classes every night throughout my primary age, attending ballet school in my secondary age, dancing in London at my young adult stage, and even after thinking I was done with the studio, with the hard work, with the aches and pains of the body, with the endless criticism and the thrive for perfection, I came back to dance. I taught dance for many years and again after teaching to exhaustion, and thinking that’s it, no more dance, my body can’t do this anymore, I have come back to dance.

‘Come Dance With Me Project’ really has started because of a selfish thought. I would go to watch dance pieces and think, I can do that, I want to do that. Because, you see whilst I was teaching dance, I was watching my creations take place from the audience or the wings but I was not the performer. And what I really love to do at this moment is to perform again but this time on my terms. I need to learn and except what the body I have in the middle of life and not focus what it can’t do. My body is stiffer, my knees ache, my back rubs, my feet don’t arch, and my turn out has gone. But I want to accept my body for what it is now.

And I thought there must be other people like me too! That feel the same that have danced or performed when they were young and for whatever reason their life’s path has taken them away from dancing, but it’s still inside them. But because of their perfection level, they think they aren’t good enough, think they are too old, their bodies too stiff, feel frustrated they can’t do what they could, feel embarrassed and self conscious.

I bumped into a friend at a dance platform, who said our local ‘Dance in Devon’ are offering free studio for a ‘Space to Play’ and I should apply. I was given four half-day studio space to do whatever I wanted to do with,

How exciting!!

So I sent this advert out…

  • Have you forgot what its like to perform in front of a live audience again?


  • Thinking you are not enough anymore and frustrated because your body is not able to do the things they used to?


  • Do you miss and crave the time and space to be creative?

 I want to create an environment were people feel supported by each other, encouraged to share their knowledge, accepted on where they are right now, and just to be able to give a space to play and time to create a piece of dance that can be shared, giving you a platform to perform again.

 I want to create a tribe of people that have a lifetime of experience and knowledge of dance, who want to share that again, who were performers once and deep down always will be. But over time, life’s path has lead us in different directions, our bodies have got a little stiffer and our muscles have disappeared.

All great masterpieces start with connecting, talking, planning and creating.

Come and join me on a new journey

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